With Over 50yrs experience

Mike Forrest and John Burtenshaw have been joint Owners of Southwick Square meats since 1990,
SOUTHWICK SQUARE MEATS WENT TO A LTD COMPANY ON 26TH MARCH 2008,JOHN BURTENSHAW and MICHAEL FORREST ARE NOW THE DIRECTORS OF THIS COMPANY ,Registered office address ,Bank House, Southwick Square, Southwick, West Sussex, BN42 4FN, Company number 06545503,

Diaper Poultry - Standard Chicken
Diaper Poultry own three poultry farms within close proximity of the factory which reduces stress to the birds due to shorter journey times. Unlike some of the larger poultry companies rearing takes place in smaller buildings thus resulting in smaller flock sizes. Birds are caught by our "in house" live bird handling team ensuring full control of welfare from farm to factory.

Diaper Poultry -  St George's Chicken
The St George's birds are reared in smaller flock sizes by individual farmers who are passionate about the welfare of their animals. Antibiotics are not routinely used but will sometimes be given for therapeutic reasons. The birds not only have far more space available to them than other more intensively reared birds but also enjoy enriched conditions such as perching and being able to rest during natural periods of darkness.
Today consumers are becoming increasingly interested in knowing more about the provenance of their food. Often animal welfare is the key decision making tool but not everybody can afford to purchase Free Range or Organic Free Range produce. Diaper Poultry have recognised this gap in the market by offering the choice of high welfare St George's birds as an alternative.


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Mike Forrest and John Burtenshaw have been joint Owners of Southwick Square meats  since 1990,IN 2008 southwick square meats went to a ltd company.
Here at Southwick Square Meats, we sell a wide range of fresh meat cuts, as well as cooked meat products.
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